Some days are stones…

I was walking to work today and I was stopped in my tracks by this little scene that was unfolding on the pavement right in my path.

This wee blonde curly topped toddler had abandoned his “Thomas” scooter smack bang in the middle of the path and he’d escaped into a teensy garden in front of a house.

The garden was one of those modern landscaped deals – all white pebbles and green borders. You know the kind right? Well this little sweetie had made a beeline for these perfectly round white pebbles and picked one up and was staring at it with a manic grin on his face like it was his long lost treasure.

When his Mum tried to encourage him to release the pebble and pry him away from the garden, he looked up at her with big innocent round eyes and simply asked “But why Mummy?”. She patiently explained that the stones belonged in the garden and that they had to move on. Again he asked, “But why Mummy?”.

Again, she patiently explained that the stones belonged in the garden and he could not bring it along with them where they were going.

It took a lot of persuading, but eventually he relented and reluctantly released the pebble, placing it ever so gently back in the garden where he’d found it. With one last longing look over his shoulder he then skipped over to his fabulous scooter, picked it up and proceeded to scoot at a rapid rate of knots along the pavement singing “Jesus loves me this I know…” at ten thousand decibels for the whole world to hear.


The whole exchange probably took about a minute, if that. But it captivated and lifted me.

I will spare you my analysis and let you draw your own conclusions. Suffice it to say that a three year old reminded me of something important today. I’ll happily leave the stones where they belong and head off in search of the diamonds.

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